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Technology and Engineering Education Curriculum


REQUIREMENTS (32 units total)

Liberal Learning/Electives (10 units)
Liberal Learning CategoryCourse Units
TST161Creative DesignLiterary, Visual & Performing Arts1
SPE103Foundations Special EducationBehavioral, Social, Cultural Perspectives1
PHY201General Physics INatural Science C- min. prerequisite or co-requisite: MAT 1271
MAT127Calculus AQuantitative Reasoning C- min. prerequisite: MAT 096 or SAT 630, ACT281
SED224Adolescent Learning & Development1
FYW201First-Year WritingMay satisfy Civic Responsibility1
FYS16xFirst-Year SeminarExempt: SAT 580/580, ACT26, AP 4 (Eng Lit/Comp or US/World Hist)1
Any World Views & Ways of KnowingMay satisfy Civic Responsibility1
Any Social Change in Historical PerspectiveMay satisfy Civic Responsibility (US History for K-6 positions)1
Any Behavioral/Social/Cultural or Soc Change in HistMay satisfy Civic Responsibility1
Any Quantitative Reasoning or Natural ScienceBIO, CHE, PHY, or CSC1


Technology Education Core Requirements (14.5 units)
Prerequisite/Co-requisiteCourse Units
ETE111Engineering Design1
ETE131Engineering Math for EducatorsC+ min. Prerequisite: Eligible for MAT 0961
ETE261Multimedia Design1
ETE271Structures & MechanismsC+ min. Prerequisites: TST 161, MAT 127 or ETE 1311
ETE275Mechanics & Materials LabPrerequisite or Co-requisite: ETE 2711
ETE281Analog Circuits & DevicesPrerequisite: Sophomore Status1
ETE341Analog Circuits & DevicesPrerequisites: Junior Status, MAT 127 or ETE 1311
ETE361Architectural & Civil Eng DesignPrerequisites: TST 161 or ETE 2711
ETE365Prototyping LabPrerequisites: ETE 111, ETE 2710.5
ETE371Mechanical Systems DesignPrerequisite: ETE 2711
ETE381Digital ElectronicsPrerequisite: Sophomore Status1
ETE385Controls & Robotics LabPrerequisite: ETE 3810.5
ETE395Senior Design ProposalPrerequisite: Junior Status; Prerequisite or Co-requisite: MAT 1270.5
ETE461Manufacturing SystemsPrerequisites: ETE 271, ETE 2751
ETE492Facilities DesignPrerequisite: Junior Status or permission of instructor1
ETE495Senior DesignPrerequisite: ETE 3951


Professional Education (7.5 units)
Prerequisite/Co-RequisiteCourse Units
RAL328Reading in Secondary Education0.5
TED280Intro to Tech/Eng EducationC+ min. Prerequisite: Sophomore Status1
TED380Junior Professional ExperiencePrerequisite: Junior Status, TED 280, 3.00 GPA1
TED460Integrative STEMPrerequisites: ETE 271, MAT 127 or ETE 1311
TED480Content & Methods in Tech/Eng EdPrerequisites: ETE 280, 3.00 GPA; Co-Requisite: TED 3801
TED481Seminar in Tech/Eng EducationPrerequisites: TED 380, TED 480; Co-requisite: TED 4901
TED490Student Teaching in Tech/Eng EdPrerequisites: Senior Status, TED 380, TED 480, 3.00 GPA, Praxis; Co-requisite: TED 4812


  • Civic Responsibilities: Community Engaged Learning, Global, Gender, Race & Ethnicity
  • Writing: FYS 16x is required
  • State Hygiene Requirement: one of the following: any BIO, anatomy, physiology, health/wellness, military basic training, STEP hygiene test
  • Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Prevention (HIB) training