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NJ Joins ITEEA Consortium of States

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) is pleased to announce that New Jersey has entered into an agreement with its STEM Center for Teaching and Learning (STEM CTL) to join the Engineering byDesign™ (EbD) Consortium of States.

The partnership between the College of New Jersey’s Center for Excellence in STEM Education and Edison Ventures is a prime example of how partnerships can leverage STEM resources at a time when state resources are shrinking. Chris Anderson from the Center for Excellence and NJTEEA (New Jersey Technology and Engineering Educators Association) are using an aggressive plan of professional development to bring Integrative STEM Education to schools across New Jersey. When asked about his plan, he commented, “We expect to have over 50 schools on board to pilot the EbD™ program by spring 2012. Our offer of professional development on EbD™ to teachers in New Jersey has been overwhelming. There is a real need to get involved with EbD™ as schools look for affordable STEM solutions!”

The STEMCTL will support this initiative by bringing schools that join the Network into ebDonline™ and the EbD™ Online Student Assessment and Design Challenge. Additionally, The College of New Jersey will undertake a significant research initiative to better understand the positive effects of a standards-based Integrative STEM Education model on students in middle and high school.

For more information about ITEEA’s STEMCTL or the partnership, contact Barry Burke, Director of the STEMCenter for Teaching and Learning, at