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Integrative STEM Educational Methods Graduate Certificate

This five-course (15 credit) certificate will provide practicing teachers from any content area with the teaching and learning methods to deliver STEM content.  Teachers can immediately apply these skills to create engaging STEM learning experiences for students in PreK – 12 classrooms and become STEM leaders in their communities. 

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The five courses can be completed in one calendar year or at your own pace. Classes meet once a week in the evenings during the spring and fall semesters and twice a week during the summer semesters. Classes are taught in a blended format.


  • STEM 510: Foundations in Integrative STEM (Spring)
  • STEM 520: Integrative STEM Pedagogy (Summer)
  • STEM 530: Integrative STEM Curriculum (Summer)
  • STEM 610: Emerging Trends & Issues in Integrative STEM Education  (Fall)
  • STEM 660/STEM 700: Creativity & Systems/Critical Thinking in Education; Integrative STEM Education Capstone (Fall)

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the philosophical and historical perspectives of K-12 STEM curricula.
  • Develop an understanding of how science & mathematics teaching methods and curriculum are connected to signature learning theories.
  • Acquire a rich understanding of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in the STEM disciplines. 
  • Practice systems thinking and creative thinking and understand how they impact critical thinking.
  • Become familiar with key concepts of the Technology & Engineering elements of STEM, including “design under constraints” and design processes.
  • Complete in-depth experiences with design-centric curricular units and work in teams to write one’s curriculum.

Tuition and Fees

TCNJ now offers one flat tuition rate for all graduate programs – no matter where you live.

Tuition and Fees


Manuel Figueroa, PhD

Integrative STEM Education MEd and Certificate online Zoom information session, August 6, 2:00pm.Join