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TCNJ Scores Big at TEECA East 2012!

The 2012 TEECA Eastern Regional Conference was held November 11–13 at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center.  This year’s conference was hosted by NCSU TECA and the Technology, Engineering, and Design Education Department at North Carolina State University.

The College has always returned from this event with much to boast about and this year was no different. TCNJ entered into 10 events and placed in 7 of them! A list of the competitions and winners can be seen below. To find out more about the 2012 Conference please visit TEECA-East

To learn more about TCNJ’s Department of Technological Studies:

  • 1st Place: Teaching Lesson Challenge
    • Allyson Salmon
    • Joanna Papadopoulos

  • 1st Place: Instructional Module Challenge
    • Heather Petersack,
    • Amanda Turton,
    • Emilie Taylor

  • 2nd Place: Communication Challenge
    • Kevin Cardenas,
    • Joanna Papadopoulos,
    • Matt Iannelli,
    • Ellie Barkin

  • 2nd Place: K-5 STEM Challenge
    • Katie Pacione
    • Jessica Didyoung

  • 2nd Place: Transportation Challenge
    • Matt Garrera
    • Ben DeRuosi
    • Matt Potter
    • Chris Papadopoulos
    • Michael Rossini

  • 2nd Place: Poster Challenge
    • Ygor Carvalho
    • Emma Saporito

  • 3rd Place: Problem Solving Challenge
    • Allyson Salmon
    • Allison Au
    • Kevin Bradley
    • Ygor Carvalho
    • Frank Caccavale