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Integrative STEM Education 2020 Dean’s List

The list below indicates the Department of Integrative STEM Education students whose outstanding academic achievement has placed them on the Dean’s List. This list includes only students who have authorized the release of information in accordance with the provisions of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Spring 2020 Dean’s List

(Department of Integrative STEM Education)

Veronica Angiulli
Alyssa Aurilio
Giovanni Belfiore
Lauren Catalano
Aiden Conboy
Christopher Conroy
Olivia Danzi
Kayla Devosa
Marissa Dolch
Peter Egan
Thomas Foti
Joseph Gerardi
Clint Housel
Jessica King
Zachary Lakatos
Deana Lucas
Brooke Martin
Steven Pae
Michael Richvalsky
Kerry Riess
Ciana Romen
Danielle Russo
Peter Salmon
Daniel Scheider
Richard Schwartz
Matthew Smith
Robert Wetzel


“All degree candidates who complete 3 or more course units [=12 credits] (other than additive credits) in a semester with assigned letter grades and who have earned a 3.5 GPA that semester are eligible to be included in that semester’s Dean’s List. Pass (P) is not an assigned letter grade and may not be used toward meeting the requirements for the Dean’s List.”