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STEM 510 – Foundations in iSTEM

This 3 credit course is a graduate level introduction to integrative-STEM educational philosophy and methods. This course assumes that students have substantial experience as a K-12 teacher.  

A summary of the topics covered in this course are:

  1. an in-depth review of Learning Theories (including Behavioral, Sociocultural, and Constructivist) as well as a review of Zone of Proximal Development / Scaffolding
  2. review of signature teaching methods and curriculum in context of the reviewed learning theories
  3. historical review of the development of integrative-STEM approach, including discussions on the basic principles of the T&E of STEM including the iterative design process
  4. substantial hands-on experiences with the design process (with associated focused discussions of teaching methods, curriculum, assessment and teacher evaluation)
  5. an introductory study of, and experiences with, design-focused Problem-based Learning (PBL)
  6. the pedagogical impacts of the T&E elements [ex.- context with Depth-of-Knowledge / Blooms taxonomy, integration and context-setting capabilities including influences of global, economic, environmental, personal and societal contexts.]
  7. put “Engineering Habits of Mind” into a K-12 educational context and
  8. put integrative-STEM methods into context with several contemporary educational standards (i.e.- Common Core, NGSS and 21st –Century Skills …etc.).

Integrative-STEM educational methods in this course include the purposeful integration of STEM content with each other, and/or with non-STEM content, to achieve a deeper level of learning/ skills due to the need of students to utilize higher depths of knowledge, multiple learning modalities, multiple content disciplines and a diverse set of skills/ capabilities to successfully accomplish design-centered activities.

To take this course, you must be an iSTEM graduate student. This course is to be taken along with STEM 520 & 530, its complementary courses.