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STEM 530 – iSTEM Curriculum

This 3 credit course is a graduate level course centered on curriculum used in STEM education, separately and as an integrative method.  This course assumes that students have substantial experience as a K-12 teacher.

A summary of the topics covered in this course are:

  1. philosophical and historical perspective of signature curricula and curricular frameworks used in Math and Science [curriculum/curricular frameworks could include New Math, Everyday Math, Singapore Math, Philips-Exeter math, NCTM curricular frameworks, various science curricular frameworks and curriculum (AAAS’s Project 2061, including Science for All Americans and Benchmarks for Science Literacy)]
  2. contrast and compare these Mathematics and Science curricula/ curricular frameworks
  3. complete a philosophical and historical perspective of Technology/ engineering education/ integrative-STEM curricula, including actual teaching experiences with these curricula [Engineering is Elementary, Engineering byDesign, Project Lead The Way or Teach Engineering)
  4. complete the design/ implementation of an integrative-STEM curricular unit (including safety considerations) using the Understanding by Design curricular development philosophy and model
  5. articulate how integrative-STEM content/methods impact, and are impacted by, global, economic, environmental, personal and societal contexts
  6. articulate how knowledge of careers can be gained through integrative-STEM curriculum.     

To take this course, you must be an iSTEM graduate student. This course is to be taken along with STEM 510 & 520, its complementary courses.