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STEM 631 – Math/Statistics for iSTEM education

An important and often overlooked aspect of technology/engineering education, and STEM education in general, has been quantitative bases for design decisions. This course assumes that students have substantial experience as a trained teacher.

  1. An outline of the outcome expectations for students in this course is as follows:
    become skilled with contemporary grade-appropriate computational methods as a tool for engineering/ design analysis and
  2. be able to use math/ statistics in design projects and in educational research methods contexts.

The course will cover the grade-appropriate analysis of experimental data and include the concepts of averages, absolute value, error analysis and standard deviation. Applications may also include quantitative analysis for teacher evaluation processes. Computational methods will include basic application of grade-appropriate quantitative methods. For secondary levels mathematical principles will include algebra, basic statistics, numerical integration and differentiation (via simple geometric-based Excel tools).