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STEM 635 – Data Visualization and Analytical Information Design

This 3 credit course explores topics relating to the visual and graphical presentation of technical, scientific and mathematical evidence, through the lens of analytical reasoning and information design. Teachers have a special need to well-represent information/ knowledge through graphical means since these means may establish more effective cognitive connections to students. Students will examine and critique examples of professional quality data visualizations, and will design and create their own visual representations of STEM-related knowledge. Students will use industry-standard software (“Educational technology”) for 2D graphical design, 3D design, and statistical analysis. They will also explore best practices for creating professional level data representations in the form of graphs, tables, plots, and illustrations.

Specific course topics will include information graphics, photo- and video-based evidence, computer slide presentations, technical reports and posters. An overarching focus will be the preservation and promotion of complexity and nuance, in forms that possess clarity and coherence. Among the expected outcomes of this course are that students will increase proficiency in critically analyzing complex information and designing high-quality graphical representations that successfully convey knowledge to others. This course is appropriate for those who wish to improve their ability to both process and present STEM knowledge, and is particularly intended for those who teach STEM disciplines.

To take this course you must take STEM 631 as a prerequisite.