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STEM 681 – Electronics Technology Systems and Design for Educators

This 3 credit introductory course provides the student with an overview of the fundamental concepts of the science of electricity, electrical circuits and how electrical technologies have substantially influenced society. This course is intended for teachers of K-12 STEM/ engineering content and will cover both analog and digital electronics [including robotics and Stored Program Control systems (microprocessor systems)]. The course is lecture-based but requires the student to design, build and test a wide range of electrical circuits. Analog electronics topics covered include the physics and chemistry of conductors/insulators, Ohm’s law, resistor networks and basic magnetism concepts, as well as measurement, simple RC circuits, and semiconductor devices (LEDs, transistors). Digital electronics topics include Boolean algebra (AND, OR and NOT gates), control functions based on Boolean logic, and how these logic systems relate to cognitive abilities/ intelligence. Building on the basic digital logic concepts, microprocessors are discussed and used to achieve “state machines.” Students will implement an electronics/ science-of-electricity lesson. Course material is appropriate for both elementary and secondary teachers.